Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Special Birthday

Today I have an adorable Birthday Card up on the Speedy Scrappers Blog using Crate Paper's Party Day collection.

Here is a sneak for you....

Want to see the whole thing? Head over to the Speedy Scrappers Blog

Thanks and have a great day!! 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Woo hoo!! New Design Team!

I am a bit overdue in sharing this awesome news with you all... (it was shared on my Facebook page) but I was asked to be a part of the super talented, super awesome Scrap n' Art Magazine Design Team. 

What an honor to be a part of this team, is all I can say!! The magazine is always full of so much inspiration, information and more. I highly suggest subscribing if you don't already! Click HERE to subscribe. 

Look for my first projects in the April Issue which will be revealed on April 1st!! I'm so excited for you to see them! 

Thanks so much for stopping in and enjoying my wonderful news with me! 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

New Embellishment Kit Club Shout Out!

I am so happy to share with you something that I signed up for recently. It's an embellishment kit club that was just started by my wonderful friend and former Design Teammate, Scrappin' Madge!!

Madge always has some of the cutest stuff on her projects, and I LOVE embellishments, because you can never have enough, right? So of course I signed up for this three month trial run!

The first months kit was chalked full of yummy goodies.. and the pun was intended, because here is the full kit:

I had a blast playing with the kit! I needed to roll out some cards, so I put those awesome journaling blocks to work! 

I was also playing with Kaisercraft's Art of Life Collection that I had sitting just waiting to be played with. 

And believe it or not, I got a layout done!! 

Now that you've seen what you get, are you interested? If you are, you can contact Madge via email at to get put on the waiting list! Oh, and I almost forgot, the price is FANTASTIC!! At least this current price is. Let's just say this, you won't be spending $20 and it's less than $15 WITH shipping! Now keep in mind, that is the current price, I am not sure if it will change in the future or not, but I know Madge will keep everyone happy! 

If you get a chance, stop by The Scrappin' Lounge to learn more about Madge and her kits!! 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Talk is Cheap - Art Journal Page

Thought I would pop in and share a page from my journal today.

We had a bit of a storm yesterday, and had enough ice and snow that school was called off. So, the kiddos are home with me today, well at least starting in the afternoon, since they were at their dad's this weekend. I miss them when they aren't here for a few days. This momma gets a bit lonely for her little ones. :) So I am definitely looking forward to seeing them.

The quote on my page today is from one of my favorite songs by Nanci Griffith, "Outbound Plane." It's such a great song. Country singer Suzi Bogguss covered it and made it pretty famous. However, I am partial to the original. Truth be  told, I messed up this particular lyric. The line should actually be "talk is cheap so we COULD talk all night long." I used can instead of could. A mistake that I feel I should share, especially since I do love the song so much.

Since the last time I blogged, things have gotten a bit better in my world. I'm still pretty down about some things, but it will pass with time. Acknowledging that I am going through this was the first step. I'm spending as much time with my family as possible, and not putting myself in situations where I am super uncomfortable. I would rather not have to take medication when I feel like this, but sometimes it can't be avoided.

Austin had a presentation on Friday on his Famous Missourian. All of the kids in his grade each had a famous person from Missouri, or affiliated with Missouri who they did research on so that they could create a three minute presentation. They dressed up as their famous person and pretended they were a living wax figure in a wax museum. It was so much fun so see the kids give their speeches. Austin did so well! I was such a proud momma!!

Austin was Harry S. Truman. Doesn't he look adorable?? We took some of Keith's old glasses and took out the lenses. He even wore his suit!! Love it!

I will see you all soon! Have a wonderful Monday!! 

The elements in my page are from Deviant Scrap. I used the Just Go With It Kit from Crowabout StudioB by Nancy Baumiller  for my girl. The background is Dylusions. The girl's head is from Dyan Reavely's class I took last October. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Home is my Happy Place - Journal52

These days I've not been in a mood to go many places. I just feel like staying close to home. I've been going through some things personally that I have to work through. The ever ongoing internal struggles that I have. They have come back full-force and aren't allowing me to be in the best frame of mind. I have made the decision to let go of certain things in my life that were adding to my stress and internal turmoil. It hurts that I had to do this, but it was really necessary. 

My home is the one place I feel completely safe. It makes me happy when I am sad, and I can truly be myself when I am at home with my family. When I'm out, I feel as though I am acting to a degree. I'm faking my way through the outside world. :/  

My 2nd journal page for Journal52 was done on my feelings about home. It is my happy place. It's my safe place. 

Using some patterned papers, paints, Neocolors, gesso and Modeling Paste, I created this colorful page. Home for me is warm and inviting, which is how I wanted to convey it on my page. 

Now if only I could feel better when I am outside of my home. I need to work on that. 

Best wishes! 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday wherever you are.... we miss you more than you could ever know. Love you... 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Losing you

When you lose someone and you are in that immediate moment of hurting, it doesn't always hit you how losing them will forever impact the remainder of your life. I remember when I lost my grandparents... but I don't remember ever thinking, "They aren't going to meet my children." I just took the fact that they had been alive for me for granted. Now, as a 30 something year old adult, I DO think about what my grandparents have missed. I wish my kids could have met them. Would they still be alive today? I couldn't say. But I do believe they left us too soon, yet made a huge impact on many while they were alive. And that, I am grateful for. 

Whenever I visit my parents, I visit my grandparents. I am one of those people who does take photos of the stones, and I do take photos of my children with them. It is as close to having a photo of them with their great-grandparents as I will ever get. Maybe it is morbid to some, but it is comforting for me. And the kids like it too. They enjoy going to visit their Great-Papa and Grandma Fulton. 

 There is another family member beside my grandparents who left our lives all too soon. My Uncle Jimmy. He is my mom's baby brother. Unfortunately, his mental illness consumed him and he took his own life. Losing him really changed my parents, because my dad was close to his brother-in-law too. For a long time after he died, depression consumed me. I was close to my uncle. Jimmy was the cool Uncle. :) 

When Jimmy died, Austin was only a few months old. I never had a chance to take Austin to meet his Great-Uncle. For a long time, it really upset me that I never did. When Jimmy died, I went through a long lasting depression. It was really where the depression for me got bad. I wasn't sure that I wanted to continue with my own life. I kept thinking if this man who had a good life with two beautiful kids and a good job couldn't do it, why should I? I WAS WRONG. After ending up in the hospital, and getting help, things got better. I've had some bad moments since, but never as bad as that. I let my depression consume me. I let it ruin everything around me, and almost allowed it to take my life. Never again. I have too much to live for.  Jimmy dying really only brought the depression I already had to light... his dying didn't cause it. My family has always had depression and anxiety issues... it's just about when they come out for each person. 

I bring all of this up, because the months of January through the beginning of April are always hardest for me. Of course it is the dead of winter which doesn't help, but as you can see, it's also the time of year where I lost people I loved.  I know, just like years past, I will make it through. It's not easy, but I will.  

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Letting my spirit soar

With it being so dreary outside today, I thought I would share my project from over at the Genuinely Jane Studios blog. It's a bright and cheery piece. We are sponsored by The Crafters Workshop who make some of the best stencils! Love love love them!! 

I kept this project simple to focus on the stencils. You can read my full post on how I made this at the blog. 

On another note, it's Valentines Day. We don't really do anything special. Last night the fiance' took me to eat at the Iron Barley. He read that they had a great selection of beers. We ended up discovering they really didn't have that many at all. In our opinions anyway. However, the food was excellent.  We started with BBQ shrimp and then I had the Oak Roasted Pork while the fiance' had Zarzeula. I think I liked my meal a bit better than he did, but overall it was a good restaurant choice. 

After Iron Barley we headed to Perennial Artisan Ales for some good beer and conversation. We chatted and had a couple of their brews before heading home. I love their beers. Very nice, and great selection as well. We really like going to local breweries. I think we will definitely be going back again. 

What are your plans for Valentines Day? 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

See the Truth

Sometimes we don't want to admit things to ourselves because we are afraid of the truth and what it might mean. I am definitely guilty of this. It's one thing to be honest with someone else, but to be honest with yourself, well, that can be difficult at times. Especially when it comes to admitting that you need help, or that you really do have something that you just didn't want to have. 

Personally, one of the hardest things for me to admit to myself was that I needed help with my mental illness. I had let it get to the point where I was consumed by the depression before I could admit to myself I had a problem.  I was so depressed it would come out in the form of anger and it was ruining me and the relationships around me. I have repaired some of them, but there are still some that need fixed. I hope to one day do this, but it's hard. 

Once I could see that I needed help, and admit that truth to myself, WOW, it was as though someone had lifted the biggest load from my chest. I got help. The depression is still there, but not as bad these days. The anxiety, well, that's another battle I've had to face. Another day for that though. 

Was there a time you had to admit that ONE BIG TRUTH to yourself? Did you feel better after, or were you left feeling worse than before?  Admitting something to yourself doesn't always mean you will feel better after the fact unfortunately. 

Just something to think about... 

Have a wonderful day! 

(Art Journal Page: watercolor paints, acrylic paint, Dylusions, Liquitex acrylic ink, Lindy's Stamp Gang mist, and punchinella-sequin waste)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

She IS Brave

(Please Note: This post has links to some much older posts of mine that explain some of what I elude to in this post.) 

The dictionary defines Brave as : feeling or showing no fear : not afraid    Am I brave? I would like to say I am most of the time, but that would be a lie. So many things frighten me about life, and in my life. I could list them, but we may be here all day. 

But I force myself to tough it through situations I am not comfortable in and be brave. This isn't the brave like someone who performs a heroic feat, it's the brave that allows you to make it through a really tough situation, or time in your life. I like to think I have been brave, in my own eyes, regarding certain situations. These situations are so personal and internal though, that not all would understand. 

Constantly I remind myself that it isn't that bad, and that I will make it through what I am doing and how I am feeling.... but I'm still scared. I need to keep reminding myself. One of the things I did to remind myself that I CAN and WILL be brave, is make this page for my art journal: 

She represents me. She represents all women who are brave when they need to be, or have to be.  Be brave. I know you can. 

 (for those who are interested, the page was created with watercolor paints,  Liquitex acrylic inks, Neocolor crayons, acrylic paint, modeling paste, StazOn ink pad, stamps, gel medium and a black pen) 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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